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Tuesday, 25th June 2024
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One of Nigeria’s largest airline, Air Peace, has announced the introduction of a Priority Boarding Policy for Nigeria’s military personnel, both serving and retired; as a way of honouring the officers for the immeasurable sacrifices they make for the country.
The Chief Executive Officer of the Airline, Allen Onyema, disclosed this at a press release issued on 13th January,2022.

He stated that, the airline has profound respect for the expedient contributions of the military in securing Nigeria and defending its territory from external aggression.
He emphasised the fact that, our uniformed men and women put their lives on the line in the course of defending the country and its interests against external armed threats.

He said, The Priority Boarding Policy introduced by the airline, is an avenue of appreciating and recognising the noble and patriotic efforts of the uniformed men and women in the Nigerian Armed Forces.

He said, the airline commend and celebrate them for the risks they take, as well as the countless sacrifices they have made in a bid to defend the territorial rectitude of the nation.
“This Priority Boarding Policy we are introducing is our own way of appreciating and recognising the noble and patriotic efforts of the officers and men of Nigeria’s Armed Forces, for the risks they take and all the sacrifices they make in defending the territorial integrity of this country. Our ground staff have also been enjoined to appreciate them”, he said.
Onyema implore other passengers of the airline, to show understanding and cooperate with the airline’s ground personnel in ensuring a seamless implementation of the new policy, and called on other applicable businesses to adopt a similar policy in honour of the serving and retired, Nigerian Armed Forces of the country.

Adding to that, he said the new policy of boarding military personnel first before other passengers commenced on Wednesday, 12th January 2022, and would remain an unwavering perpetual practice in all Air Peace stations.