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Saturday, 2nd March 2024
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Year 2022 is up and running as work resumes officially week. Basically, the new year is like another chance for people to critically assess their progress in the previous year and make plans on how to become a better version of themselves. By now, a lot of people would have been making a list of what they intend to achieve in the new year. It isn’t a bad idea but it should also not be about just listing the goals for the new year. You should make concerted efforts to actualise them and be a better version of yourself.

If adhered strictly to, the following five tips will make you a better version of yourself in 2022.

1. Love and believe in yourself

Loving and believing in yourself is the first step to being a better person in the new year. You have to love and accept yourself just the way you are even as much as you strive to be better. Of course you know no one is perfect, so you don’t have to be too hard on yourself for the mistakes you made in 2021 rather forgive yourself, fall in love with yourself again, and believe in yourself.

Be the biggest fan of your own self. With that, it becomes easy to achieve those dreams even when nobody has your back. Also, practicing self-affirmation every morning isn’t a bad idea for the new year, as it will aid in boosting your self-confidence.

2. Educate yourself

Life is a learning curve for everyone; so you should be open to learning, relearning, and unlearning. The importance of education cannot be overemphasized in one’s growth journey. You can decide to educate yourself through reading books or learning a new skill.

Reading helps widen one’s horizon and also opens one’s mind to different experiences and ideas. Going out of your comfort zone to learn something novel like a skill or language is also a feasible idea to being a better person, no one is too old to be educated.

3. Exhibit  healthy habits

Dump those habits that have negative or no positive effects on your life and pick up new ones that are beneficial. Habits like giving excuses, procrastinating, among others have no positive effects.  Rather, they stifle one’s growth. So, if you really want to grow and be a better version of yourself, drop them.

4.  Be open to change

Life is filled with unpredictable changes and twists. So, it’s advisable to be willing to change even before it comes so it will be easier to adapt to it. It will also prevent you from being the stumbling block to your own physical, emotional, social, and professional growth. Allowing yourself to grow and evolve over time is a necessary part of life and part of the journey to a better person.

5. Be helpful

The year 2022 shouldn’t be a year to only be a better person but also a year to make your nearest community/society a better place. Interestingly, lending a helping hand with the little you have can go a long way in making people around you and the community better. Moreover, being helpful is beneficial to both parties — it helps the society to be better and also makes the giver feel fulfilled.

Life is a journey and becoming better should be the goal in 2022.